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My Journey to Knowledgism

My thirst for knowledge and learning had always been there, I did not enjoy school growing up because there was a lot of confusion and lack of interest in what I was learning.

But I have always been interested in learning about increasing my potential and what was out there for upping my game in life. First it started out with astrology and card reading, law of attraction type books, watching The Secret movie. I knew from a young age that I wanted to work in health and wellness industry but wondered in what field I could have the most impact.

I decided that practicing massage therapy was a great stepping stone, the course was short and I could start practicing right away. I got my massage therapy certificate in 2003 and immediately started a practice. I realized that I wanted to attend Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) school, and I needed to start saving up for school. After graduating TCM college in 2008, I moved to Fort McMurray, AB with my then boyfriend, now husband, Chad and immediately started practicing TCM and Massage Therapy. In 2010 together we opened up our own Natural Health Clinic.

We employed Massage therapists, a Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturists, a Dietitian and Nurse Practitioner. I will admit that we had this great vision of how easy this would all be to work with like minded individuals, but ill admit that it was HARD, we struggled just to keep our head above water, we did everything ourselves, marketing, advertising, cleaning, hiring, managing, and we were constantly fighting with each-other. We decided to start attending business conferences and networking events to help us learn to manage our growth and find solutions to our problems Every year we attended this Business Super conference put on by Darren Weeks with the Fast track group in Edmonton. Each year the conference topic would focus on a different area to improve upon in business development. We met other business owners and heard their struggles and it made me feel better that we weren't the only ones struggling. One year Darren brought up Blair Singer to speak and he said something that blew my mind. He said, "Your business can only grow as much as you grow personally" And I was like, that it, thats our problem, all our personal garbage was getting in the way of us successfully growing the business. We need to work on us!!

Vern Harnish was also speaking at that conference and he spoke about having a peer coach to help keep you accountable. This is someone you would talk to everyday to debrief your day and talk about your goals and whether you made and grounds towards your goals. I really liked this idea but never applied this to my life. Vern also has a great program on called scaling up and there was a worksheet for all business owners to fill out. Chad and I filled out the same worksheet but separately and then compared our results. He said that if you had 2 names written down on a task, that actually meant that NO one was doing the task. After filling out this form we realized that we were micromanaging and a lot of things were being left undone and this was causing huge upsets within the company. I highly recommend Verns book and his material for cleaning up your companies management. After this conference we actually went to Phoenix, AZ and took Blairs Sales Dogs course. Which was another huge eye opener. Blair called out every single person on their own personal bull crap if they were saying one thing and then doing another. He forced us into awkward sales meetings or scenarios and watched us respond. I learnt so much from this course, I thought I wasn't in sales, but as a small business owner, you are always selling.

The next year at the Super conference the topic was on personal growth and Ceil Stanford from Advanced Coaching and Leadership Center in Dallas, Tx was brought up to speak. We did a presence exercise, which was so uncomfortable at first. I had to sit and be present with all the 'stuff' I was trying to avoid and push off. After Presence I realized that I had a lot more personal growing to do and most of it was on removing old thoughts and habits that I was repeating over and over and limiting my expansion.

I decided to keep training and took a course called Life Enhancement through ACLC. This course was offered in Scottsdale, AZ and I met a lot of really great people there, most of them were also fellow Canadians. This course was so life changing for me I decided to sign up and take more trainings. Every 3 months I take a Vital Fundaments of Life course to learn how to get better at life, but I also learn how to help those around me. I learn how to take responsibility for my communication and actions and how to process others up the Zones of Life.

The Vital Fundamentals of Life Courses put on by ACLC are developed and based on all the teachings from Alan C. Walter and his body of work called Knowledgism.

Life Enhancement Course, November 2015, Scottsdale, AZ
All the Canadians who took the Life Enhancement Course with Ceil in 2015

Ceil Stanford and myself

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