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Doctor of Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Birth Doula, Spiritual Processor


About Me

  My journey for personal development and life enhancement started a long time ago, I always felt like the answers were out there for me to find. I signed up and took almost every course that came my way. I took every business development course, personal growth workshop, read every self-help book I could find. It always left me feeling more overwhelmed, like I was never doing enough or could never be enough.

My husband and I were running 3 businesses and we were so out of communication that our marriage and work life were a daily struggle. I was so overwhelmed; I couldn’t see past my own problems that were right in front of me. Every day the smallest problem felt like the end of the world. I wasn’t making any future goals I was letting life create me. I only saw what I did not want, and I felt like there was no way out. This is what kept me searching for answers.

I was first introduced to Processing and Knowledgism through Ceil Stanford in October 2014. The first things we did was a presence drill to see how much available Life Force Particles (attention bits) I had. This exercise immediately forced me into present time and was able to see what I had been avoiding. I was able to put some order in my life and to see what was most important to me. I learnt the value of Life Force Particles and the ability to focus my attention. I learnt I had a choice; Be at cause over life and my actions or at effect of everything happening around me and be a victim.

I began receiving Spiritual Processing twice a month for a year and I was so amazed with the results I was getting through processing, I decided to study this technology in the hopes of helping others.

I am now living the life I had dreamt about, I am in full alignment with my wants for life and look forward to every next challenge as I continue my journey. 

I like to work with others who want to get better at life. I can help you increase your ability to focus, which can than increase your power and help you enhance your life. 

I currently practice Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at Higher Health Acupuncture & Massage Therapy Clinic. I am also a Certified Doula with DONA International and love to support women in labour in the Fort McMurray area.

I began Processing and Coaching others in 2017, which has transformed my life and given me so much joy, I love to see the huge gains and be apart of the wins my clients experience. This technology has so much to offer and I look forward to a future where I can work with you.

When I am not working with others, I am living my best life raising my two children Torren and Vance and spending time with my husband Chad. 



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